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How to get the most from your listing

July 15, 2019 Listing and Advertising

How to get the most out of your Client Page Listing:

TITLE:  Use your company name as Title:

DESCRIPTION: Give an Extensive Description of your company in the description section referring to what you do products you sell etc as well as things like how long you been in business.

KEYWORDS: Supply us with 3 keywords pertaining to what your company does. (Not Familiar with keyword no problem we will assist here when publishing)

CATEGORIES: Decide which categories are best suited for your industry. (If no Category exists notify us we will add one)

LISTING LOCATION: Supply your physical adress this way when somebody searches local they will find you. Please ensure you supply the postal code of your location. (Our website optimized to supply distance and a map for local search)

LISTING ATTACHMENTS: Supply us with as many images as possible brochures etc in the following formats. (jpg/.gif/.png/.pdf/.flv/.mp4/.mp3)

Depending on the package you have opted-in for we will optimize all the information, images etc for the best result.

You can email us @ with the details and let us load for you, or go to our listing page @ Add Your Listing and load this yourself.

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