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July 13, 2019 Listing and Advertising

Listing on Eezefind

Will you be Missing Out if you don’t !!!

So here is the question.

In this day and age of business competition and easy access to information, why would you want to miss out on 80,000+ searches for businesses and services a year on Eezefind?
And at such cheap advertising rates!

I can’t see a single reason why you would not! But hey, that’s just me, a businessman who understands the cost benefit ratio of advertising.

Consider This.

South Africa has a population of 58,081,242

How many do you think use the internet to search for businesses and services?
About 25% or so, around 14,000,000! Some would say far less.

Since February 2017 when Eezefind went live there have been:
1,579,868 Searches by 1,207,601 unique visitors.

In the past year there have been:
1,122,679 searches by 153,209 unique visitors.

So another question is; how many local residents have searched for businesses and services in their area the last year or 5, how many out of town visitors and tourists have done so?
The answer of course must be many!

Google recommends listing on local directories and has proved that companies who get found on the internet, get the business. Our directories are highly ranked for local searches on Google and other search engines.

Therefore companies that are listed will certainly get the business resulting from searchers landing on our site.

So, do you want the business? Then get LISTED!

Advertising Made Simple.

To advertise on our site is simple.

Eezefind Client Page Advertising.

Client Pages are our ultimate form of advertising on Eezefind. Client Pages have multiple images, plenty of text and deep links into your own site.

You also get a Block Ad in the relevant Directory as well as 3 Sidebar Thumbnail Images on Main Category Pages, including one on the Suburban Section Home Page linking to your Client Page

Client Pages have a custom design based on your own branding and website and they are also mobile friendly web pages for optimal viewing on any device. Furthermore they are all indexed by Google and other search engines.

BUT WAIT! What else do you get? You also get an automatic post to our Facebook Page and shares to 1000’s of people on Facebook.

R 1,750.00 for 12 Months

This cost will only ever increase by 10% per year should you renew your page.

Order your Client Page advertising by contacting us on

Or list online by going to the following pages Listing Per YearBanner Page


How to get the Most out of your Client Page

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