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The Combustion Group

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Combustion And Heating Systems

Sourcing the right industrial fuels and combustion equipment and accessories for your needs, The Combustion Group (TCG) will convert your fuel framework into a smarter, cleaner and more affordable system.

Read more about our various Industry Applications or Contact us today to discuss a free needs assessment and let’s evolve your fuel solution.

Combined Heat and Power Plants

The Combustion Group holds the local agency for Caterpillar’s Turbomach/Solar Turbines gas turbine business in South Africa. Solar offers factory packaged gas turbine-driven generator sets from 1 -22 MW. The sets have three-phase generators, which meet or exceed numerous European and North American standards and can be equipped to operate in harsh environments. Solar turbine generator sets can be applied in combined-cycle systems or the turbine exhaust heat can be recovered for processes requiring thermal energy.

Not only are Solar Turbines able to operate on gasses such as Coke Oven Gas, Natural Gas, Refinery Gas, Landfill, and Digester Gases, but can also operate on liquid fuels such as Kerosene, Gasoline, Naphtas, Biodiesel, Jet A and Diesels.

Other Features:

No dependence on one single fuel type
Turbine fuel system designed according to fuel to be used
Same unit can operate with gas or liquid fuel
Automatic transfer from gas to liquid fuel during operation
Automatic transfer from liquid to gas fuel during operation

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